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The Adrotherapy Centre CNAO, Pavia hospital

Location Pavia
In collaboration with Studio Calvi
Period 2003/2006
Costs € 35.500.000,00 (out of which 13.590.000,00 € for Mechanica, Electrical and
Tekne Services Design for building permit issue, contract design and detailed design control, safety coordination during construction, and Construction Supervision (in association with Practice Calvi, mandatory). TEKNE is responsible for technological components.

The Adrotherapy Centre, which will host a nuclear accelerator for the production of “adrones”, will be built besides S. Matteo Hospital of Pavia.

The complex has required special cooling devices in order to respond the highly technological necessities of that area. The power used in the Centre is over 10 MW.

The overall surface is about 19.500 m². The underground surface of the Centre is 10.500 m² and will host the high technology equipments and the areas for the patients’ treatment.

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